Today there is a variety of services for cargo delivery from one country to another. The most economical method of cargo transportation with high reliability and maximum number of goods include international shipping. Sea freight is not only the most popular way to deliver goods, but also an important component of multimodal transportation involving other kinds of transport services.

The continuous growth and popularity of international maritime transport is due to a number of attractive advantages:

  • Low cost. The obvious benefit of transporting one kilogram of cargo per kilometer makes container transportation by sea incredibly popular around the world.
  • High capacity. International maritime transport provides unlimited capacity. The most important parameter for our customers is often the capacity of channels and ports.
  • Tonnage. Thanks to an impressive tonnage (registered tonnage of ships), transportation of large consignments by sea becomes much more profitable for our customers.
  • No geographical restrictions. Sea transportation of cargoes is possible among the continents. The same opportunities exist for air transport, but transport costs are considerably higher.

Together with the advantages, there are peculiarities that should definitely be taken into account when planning a supply chain:

  • Transit time. We highlight several factors that affect the delivery time: transportation route, weather conditions (storm warning), port workload, and others.
  • Restrictions on dimensions. Services on the international maritime cargo transportation include packaging of goods in special vehicles, cube containers. There are standard and specialist containers (for oversized cargo). Detailed information on container classification and dimensions can be found here.
  • The need for coordination. All participants of the logistics process must clearly communicate with each other to reduce time loss due to peculiar schedule of vessel traffic.

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