The Polar Logistics Group provides any logistics services including rail freight both within the country and far beyond its borders. This type of goods transportation has several advantages:

  • the ability to transport all types of cargo, regardless of its type and size;
  • high load capacity;
  • a wide range of types of cars depending on the type of cargo;
  • a relatively low, transparent and less prone to rise price;
  • minimal risks;
  • the possibility of accurate arrival date planning.

Railway transportation: the main types of cars for general cargo

  • Boxcar. Used to move goods in need of protection from precipitation. Loading and unloading are carried out through the side door.
  • Gondola car. Developed and used to move goods that do not need additional protection from precipitation, that’s why they are constructed without a roof. It makes it possible to fully mechanize the loading, and the hatches at the bottom of the car provide a simplified uploading.
  • Platform. Used to transport the following goods: containers, vehicles, large equipment and many other goods.
  • Container platform. Structurally designed without flanges. It allows to carry most of the standard containers. Special locks are used for fixing.

Recently the railway transportation of goods has become popular among our customers, as this type of transport combines optimum terms and rates. So thanks to a strong agent network our company provides the following services in the framework of the railway service from China to Russia:

  • All kind of container transportation.
  • Cargo collecting, warehousing, legalization of export formalities in China, providing with an importer-company.
  • Surveyor with photo-control.

The Polar Logistics Group experts will select the most suitable type of car, depending on customer needs. We organize both domestic and international rail freight. It is worth noting that this service can be provided separately or as a part of a multi-modal transportation scheme