International transportation of oversized cargo is one of the most difficult types of transporting goods. Constructions, mass and dimensions including a transport vehicle which exceed the following parameters should be considered as oversized cargo and thus calculated according to the tariffs for shipping out-of-gauge cargoes.

Parameters for oversized cargo:
Height of load - more than 4 m.
Load length – more than 20 m, allowing overhang load of 2 m, provided that the total length does not exceed 20 meters.
Width of cargo - more than 2.55 m.
Weight of cargo - more than 38 tons.

Polar Logistics is ready to carry out cargo transportation of any complexity and "door to door" delivery of oversized goods, for example:

  • power substation transformers,
  • motors,
  • electric drive traction motors,
  • complete-distribution switchgear devices for energy industry,
  • road construction, agricultural, and other special equipment,
  • logging equipment,
  • large diameter pipes,
  • machines and other industrial devices, etc.

Turning to our experts in logistics, you can get free advice on your international transit of oversized cargo and its transportation features. Also a detailed response can be obtained electronically by completing a short feedback form on our website - "LINK".

What does international shipping out-of-gauge cargo involve? When planning logistic activities, bear in mind that it is a complex process, which is divided into a number of important steps:

  1. Transport selection. To ensure safe transit of oversized cargo from one country to another, we recommend that you carefully select the type of transportation. Oversized loads are transported both by road on special train platforms and on low-bed semi-trucks, as well as by sea - on ships. In individual cases intermodal international shipment may be used "LINK"
  2. Rout development. The client company has a right to obtain information on the state of transportation routes at all shipment stages. If necessary the logistics specialists of Polar Logistics are ready to provide the general scheme of the international transportation of oversized cargoes, which indicates the time required for loading and unloading of goods. In addition, our logisticians can also provide special equipment for lifting, loading and unloading such as slings, jacks, oversized cranes, hoists and other supporting structures.
  3. Obtaining transit permits with excess parameters of vehicles for all transit countries in case of international road transportation.
  4. Verifying individual loading schemes for oversized cargoes on the rolling stock, in case of railway transportation.
  5. Documentation. The list of documents required for international transportation of oversized cargoes can be found in our blog "LINK" *.
  6. If necessary, police and special technical services ("Pilot") convoy the oversized cargo throughout the entire transit route.
  7. Police convoy in the areas where it is prescribed by the rules of transportation of oversized goods, that do not fit in the allowed dimensions.
  8. Customs services.
  9. Storage services, including packaging, labeling, etc.
  10. Insurance.

We work with all means of transport and we know that each option has its own specific features in logistics as well as in the legislation of the European Union and the CIS countries in the field of transportation of oversized cargoes, which often makes it possible to eliminate delays. Therefore, when choosing a contractor to perform the transportation of heavy and oversized cargoes we recommend to give preference to professionals with long-standing experience in international logistics, namely the Polar Logistics Group