Mr. Dave John Evans Will Be The New CEO Of Polar Solutions And Polar Logistics Region In Russia

Mr. Dave John Evans Will Be The New CEO Of Polar Solutions And Polar Logistics Region In Russia

May, 23d  – The Board of Directors of Polar Logistics Group have appointed Dave Evans as the new CEO of Polar Solutions and Polar Logistics Region. He will take over in May 2016 and with this role he will lead all the offices in Russia.

Dave Evans, whose roots are in the English city of Coventry, is a true international supply chain and logistics expert, bringing more than 20 years of senior management expertise and experience. Before becoming Managing Director of  Polar Logistics International OY in Finland,  Dave had made significant contributions to Yusen Logistics Russia for four years from 2009 till 2013 where he was responsible for business development and project implementation. Before that he had spent many years involved in the transit warehousing, sea-freight and trucking businesses in Kotka and Hamina, Finland.

Dave Evans will take over the responsibility as CEO from Dmitry Firsov.

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