David John Evans
CEO, Polar Logistics Russia

Dave John Evans was born in 1963. He graduated from the Literature and Languages Faculty at the University of Reading, England.

Dave Evans joined Polar Logistics Group in 2014 as Chief Executive Officer, Polar Logistics Finland. The primary goal of the company’s headquarters was to organize the team; to develop existing and new clients (Finnish/foreign companies); to work on an ongoing basis to improve operational service and implement new marketing and IT projects.

Since May 2016, Mr. Evans has held the CEO position in Polar Logistics Russia. His area of responsibility covers 7 operating Polar Logistics offices in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Vyborg, Novorossiysk and Nakhodka, as well as new offices in Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Married, father of a son and two daughters.











Karina Tokina
Operations Director, Polar Logistics Russia

Karina Tokina was born in 1981.

She graduated from the branch of the Saint Petersburg State University for Water Communications, Transport Law Faculty.

Karina Tokina joined the Polar Logistics team in 2011 and she came up through the ranks before 2013, starting as a lead international logistics manager to finally become Head of the Project Department. The principal objective of this department was to develop earlier attracted key (Russian/ foreign) customer companies; to maintain communication for already existing services (all types of transport services and customs registration of cargoes); to work on an ongoing basis on sales of new types of services and implementation/integration of IT solutions into the customers’ businesses.

Since April 2015, she has held the position of Operations Director. Karina’s area of responsibility covers all the operational departments and sections of the Russian subdivision.

Married, mother of two daughters..










Ekaterina Rebrova
Marketing Director, Polar Logistics Russia and Polar Logistics Group

Ekaterina Rebrova was born in 1985..

She graduated from the Moscow State Linguistic University (named after Maurice Thorez) with a degree in Marketing and language skills in two foreign languages.

Before joining the Polar Logistics team, she gained experience in the B2B marketing both in the Institute for Marketing Research and Logistics Consulting and Russia’s largest commercial car leasing company. She held a senior role in a multi-business state leasing company being part of the Vnesheconombank Group, as well as headed the Marketing and PR Communications Department in the passenger transportation company.

Ekaterina Rebrova joined the team in April 2015 as Marketing Director to supervise all the corporate and external communications projects in Polar Logistics Group.

She is Chairman of the Marketing Club at the Finnish and Russian Chamber of Commerce. 









Anastasiya Kuzmina
Sales Director, Polar Logistics Russia

Anastasiya Kuzmina was born in 1981.

She graduated from the International University in Moscow. Then she studied the Master of Business Administration program in the High Commercial Management School of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. She also successfully graduated from the European Institute of International Management (IEMI, Paris, France). 

Before she joined the Polar Logistics team in 2011, Anastasiya Kuzmina had gained experience in a big transport holding and then she dealt with warehouse logistics and customs formalities.  

Anastasiya Kuzmina joined Polar Logistics as Sales Executive. Her principal goals and objectives include sale of logistics solutions (active direct sales model); customer base formation and development; development of logistics schemes and new routes as well as development of relations with international agent networks.

Married, mother of a daughter.









Artem Ovsyannikov
Head of the Customs Clearance Department

Artem Ovsyannikov was born in 1978. He studied in the Military University of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and then graduated from the Moscow Economic and Linguistic Institute.

He started his career in Polar Logistics. Artem has been working for our company since it was founded. Since 2001, he has risen through the ranks starting as a shipping clerk to become Head of the Multimodal Transportation Department. Since 2016, he has held the position of Head of the Customs Clearance Department, coordinating customs formalities for all the departments and branches of Polar Logistics. 

Married, father of three children.












Alexey Bessonov
IT Director, Polar Logistics Russia and Polar Logistics Group

Alexey Bessonov was born in 1979.

He graduated from the Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (Technical University) with a degree in Computing Machinery, Assemblies, Systems and Networks.

He has been working for our company since the Polar Group was founded in 2001. He has come up through the ranks starting as a system administrator and programmer to become Head of the IT Department.

The key milestones of his employment are as follows:

  • Building an IT team that consists of system administrators and IT developers.
  • Building and developing the Group’s IT infrastructure.
  • Developing and implementing information systems (maintaining a full cycle starting from design to implementation and follow-on support).
  • Implementing projects of integration with the customers’ and suppliers’ information systems.

Since 2012, he has held the position of IT Director, Polar Logistics Group.

Married, father of a daughter and master of a dog.