Polar Logistics Group provides international land transportation of goods by road of any type. This allows a full range of cargo transportation for customers.

The Polar Logistics Group provides a full range of cargo logistics services, both individually and comprehensively:

  • forwarding;
  • transportation of goods;
  • customs clearance;
  • local delivery.

International land transportation is one of the most popular ways of delivering goods from the sender to the recipient and one of the most affordable types of cargo, which is easily explained by a developed highway system in any direction. Transportation of goods by road has its own peculiarities, which makes it an attractive option for many companies concerned. For example, the possibility of cargo delivery directly to its destination without any need to overload.

The benefits of land transportation such as agility, speed and flexible routing make international cargo transportation by road most effective for the customers of Polar Logistics.

The main types of vehicles for international transportation of goods available at Polar Logistics:

  • Tent trailers.
  • Automatic coupler - a truck with a trailer.
  • Refrigerator.
  • Isothermal van.
  • Container trailer.
  • Open flatbed semitrailer.
  • Open platform.
  • Platform for oversized and heavy cargoes.
  • Low loader.
  • Low-tonnage trucks.

The specialists of Polar Logistics study each case and offer the most comfortable and rational scheme of loading vehicles (cargo plan) and transportation