The Polar Logistics Group provides a full range of services related to international cargo transportation. Freight forwarding means development of cost-effective and most attractive terms for supply chains. It also includes the selection of transport vehicles and control of the entire delivery process from the place of origin to final destination in compliance with the conditions of transportation.


This service includes particular actions from employees of Polar Logistics:

  • to choose the optimal route, to organize reloading en route, to determine the type of vehicle according to the documents of origin, to make cargo plans / loading schemes.
  • to consult and provide technical support in preparing in-line documentation and its approval by all modes of transport (CMR, Carnet TIR, etc.).
  • to register special permits and to approve them in the state bodies, departmental and branch offices when transporting oversized cargo or organizing a specific cargo route.
  • to pay additional fees and shipping freight costs.
  • additional cargo insurance.
  • participation in customs procedures at border crossings;
  • continuous monitoring of the cargo condition and transportation terms in transit;
  • to inform the customer about the whereabouts of the freight;
  • to provide "door to door" delivery and acknowledge freight receipt by the addressee;
  • to solve any related problem arising when delivering cargo from a sender to a recipient.


Freight forwarding is a continuous monitoring process of the movement of goods entrusted by the supplier to the customer. Our experts coordinate any changes arising during transportation to minimize logistics costs. If necessary, the supply chain adds intermodal transportation using different means of transport. Our clients are immediately notified of any change in itinerary, timing and methods of delivery.

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