The companies involved in foreign economic activities (‘the FEA’) must undergo the customs procedures established in the country. For instance, when the FEA participants’ goods cross the border, they have to go through customs clearance to be carried out with the assistance of a licensed broker.

The key to success of the customs clearance procedure is the correct and professional declaring, handling customs procedures in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, and timely payment of all duties and fees. This issue, just like any others, has its own intricacies that you should keep in mind. For example, there are some commodity groups that require obtainment of permission documents, such as:

  • License;
  • Notification;
  • Certificate of conformance;
  • Declaration of conformity.

When you prepare documents for and transport medical equipment, for example, you need to obtain a registration certificate.


1.    Registration of the FEA participants with the customs authorities. (This procedure may vary from one customs office to another.) <<To submit incorporation documents.>>
2.    Declaring: preparation of a declaration for the goods; classification of products in accordance with the FEA commodity nomenclature, calculation of customs duties and taxes. <<To provide a link to a list of basic documents for customs registration.>>
3.    Customs clearance includes the following steps:

  • Payment of customs registration fees; payment of customs duties and taxes. 
  • Registration of BOE (bill of entry) with the customs authorities. 
  • Releasing goods into free circulation. 

Customs clearance may get complicated because of incorrect interpretation of the FEA CN code and lack of knowledge of the customs legislation. Our customs experts from Polar Logistics Group will handle all this work spending as less time and money of our customers as possible. You are welcome to send your requests to We will surely deal with your request at the earliest possible time