Polar Logistics has a successful long-term experience in the customs business and it is an official customs representative in Russia. 

Our highly professional staff is the reason why Polar Logistics can offer customs registration of the goods in all the regimes, including:

  • ATA Carnet issuance at airport and motorway customs offices both in import and export regimes.
  • Exporting for warranty and post-warranty repair.
  • Processing outside customs enforcement areas.
  • Exporting goods to expositions: temporary importation/temporary exportation.
  • Notification, obtainment of expert reports from the Federal Security Service.
  • Dual-use item expert examination, permits obtainment, license obtainment from the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control.

Once the customs formalities are over and the goods are released into free circulation, the cargoes are delivered to warehouses of the customer companies. 

Importing companies may decide to go through the customs formalities using just their own resources. However, unless they have proper experience in dealing with the customs authorities, required knowledge and expertise, they can make some mistakes that will increase costs. For example, when you transport a consolidated cargo using multimodal transportation, involving several means of transport and multiple loading/transshipment points, special attention should be paid to accompanying shipping documents paperwork. This is the case when it is better to resort to professional experts. 

Polar Logistics Russia is a customs broker which has been on the Register of Customs Brokers since 2006. Therefore, we have been successfully providing customs clearance services for over 10 years. 

Polar Logistics as a customs broker has a civil liability insurance and a bank guarantee which acts as security for payment of customs duties and taxes.

We offer customs broker services both at inland and border customs offices for the cargoes transported by various means of transport (by road, rail, sea, or air). 

Our company is a customs representative that such companies as Siemens, Morena, Metabo, Canon, Flackt, Multivac, Leomax, ООО "Evonik Chemistry" and many others entrust their cargoes to.