Polar Logistics Russia is a customs broker which has been on the Register of Customs Brokers since 2006. Therefore, we have been successfully providing customs clearance services for over 10 years. 

Polar Logistics as a customs broker has a civil liability insurance and a bank guarantee which acts as security for payment of customs duties and taxes.
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We have our own staff of professional customs experts who attend requalification and continuous professional development courses on a regular basis. Our staff has a profound knowledge in various aspects of the commodity nomenclature that enables Polar Logistics experts to handle all commodity groups. One of our advantages is that we can operate by means of remote declaring in all the regions of the Russian Federation, at the location of the customs authorities during their business hours. 

We offer customs broker services both at inland and border customs offices for the cargoes transported by various means of transport (by road, rail, sea, or air). 

Our company is a customs representative that such companies as Siemens, Morena, Metabo, Canon, Flackt, Multivac, Leomax, ООО "Evonik Chemistry" and many others entrust their cargoes to.