There are many ways to deliver goods from one country to another. Our company Polar Logistics provides international container transportation from almost all over the world with the use of container equipment or special vehicles. As a result, we help client companies to ship a container in the most economical and convenient way of transportation.

The advantages of container shipping:

  • High level of security. Fixing cargoes in containers ensures its safety in transit. Tightness provides additional protection from water, sun and other harmful impacts, including mechanical damage.
  • Cargo transportation convenience. If in transit there is a need to change means of transport, there is no need to overload goods. Loading at the sender's warehouse is enough.
  • Time and financial economy. In multimodal shipment containers with cargoes are overloaded and fixed on new platforms.
  • Versatility. You can order shipping in one container (FCL - Full Container Load), or you can use the service of general cargo transportation, when goods from multiple senders are consolidated in a single container (LCL - Less than Container Load).

Types of containers

Containers are distinguished by type and size. We recommend to familiarize yourselves with container parameters in order to choose the most suitable type for the delivery of a specific cargo. Generally standard large-capacity (20-and 40-foot) containers are used for maritime shipping. Such containers are also known as "dry", in English Dry Container (DC). Polar Logistics often transports construction materials, spare parts, less often chemical products and household appliances in such containers.

There are other types of containers:
1. Reefer containers are used for cargo requiring temperature control.
2. Open Top (with removable roof bows and tarpaulin covers) - easy to load from above.
3. Flat Rack (open area) - for oversized cargo shipment.
4. Tank Containers (Tank) - for liquid and gaseous substances.

Polar Logistics uses universal 20-foot High Payload and 40-foot High Cube containers for container cargo shipping via rail. Specialized (Open Top and Flat Rack) containers are used to ship certain categories of cargoes.

The Polar Logistics Group in Russia has offices in Moscow as well as in St. Petersburg, Vyborg, Novorossiysk and Nakhodka. Our company has also representative offices in Germany, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The head office is located in Helsinki, Finland, additional offices are in Vantaa and Kotka. In addition to its own offices, we cooperate with a wide agency network that covers the United States, China, Korea, Japan, Iran and other countries of Central and South-East Asia, Europe, North and South America, Africa and Australia.

Thus, our company can ship a container from Moscow to anywhere in the world. Also, we can arrange a shipment from any city or country. Container shipment from Moscow and other Russian cities will allow to deliver goods fast and relatively inexpensive across the country and beyond.